Emissions Management

What gets measured, gets managed

The first stage in emissions reduction is the old adage, ‘What gets measured, gets managed.’ It’s about establishing a baseline.

A baseline you have confidence in, and from there, using it to set meaningful targets for reduction. Key questions are asked early to properly establish what it is included within the baseline:

What should I include in the baseline?
- Set the boundary

How do I work out the emissions associated with the stuff in my baseline?
- Develop an approach

What do I do with it now I have it?
- Monitor, review, rinse and repeat

Emissions Management

Goal7’s Emissions Reduction Service

Transparent carbon reduction plans with clear ambitions, goals and targets.

  • 01 Assessing carbon inventory and scope
  • 02 Setting overall reduction strategy for absolute emissions and carbon intensity
  • 03 Developing robust baselines, net zero goals and interim targets
  • 04 Assessing efficiency improvements, reducing energy usage and building ‘opportunity happers’
  • 05 Implementing individual projects
  • 06 Advising on reporting frameworks, relevant standards, benchmarking
  • 07 Developing circular economy opportunities
  • 08 Training people - raise awareness, develop capability

Building an Emissions Inventory

Building an Emissions Inventory