Case Study

14 July 2022


Full process review and development of base case for onshore desalination as part of a blue and green hydrogen production hub

Goal7 carried out a detailed review of desalination technologies and the associated infrastructure to shortlist and select a preferred solution for the project

  • Review of desalination technologies to establish a preferred solution to progress with for the project
  • Development of key parameters for the desalination technology and ancillary infrastructure including provisional sizing, site synergies, plant location and layout, power requirements and water consumption
  • Undertaking techno-economics for the shortlisted desalination processes for use in the broader economics for the overall project
  • Review of environmental considerations including intake/outfall structures, emissions, waste products, chemical usages and regulations
  • Collaboration with other contractors to assist with plant layouts and power demand developments
  • Consolidated list of future considerations to be taken into account during the next phase of the project
  • Identification of potential collaboration opportunities for operating the desalination plant

Project Phases: Study - Technical and Economic

Technology Areas: Desalination, Blue and Green Hydrogen

Location: UK