Robin Faha
20 May 2024

Derby Days to Power Plays: Skating into a Sustainable Future with Goal7

Six months ago, I transitioned from a freelance gig to a more structured work environment at Goal7. Now based in a team office, I swapped solo projects for team huddles and independent deadlines for collaborative jams

Full gear, big ideas: Bringing my roller derby festive referee focus to renewable energy (Picture credit Laura MacDonald)
Full gear, big ideas: Bringing my roller derby festive referee focus to renewable energy (Picture credit Laura MacDonald)

My journey into this new corporate area has been a pivot from my previous lifestyle, where I’m learning to adeptly navigate challenges and skate through tight schedules. Each day is a fresh bout of learning the ropes, mastering new skills, and navigating the track of my professional development. Dive into this post as I share the play-by-play of my ongoing adventure at Goal7.

What did you study?

I completed an Electrical and Electronic Engineering degree focusing on Renewable Energies at the University of Aberdeen. My thesis work included modelling a brushless DC motor powered by a PEM hydrogen cell. In a group project, we explored the feasibility of an offshore wind farm, where I ensured compliance with the UK grid code.

What made you apply for a grad role at Goal7?

While I really enjoyed my last job and had an awesome team, it didn’t quite match up with my engineering degree. I picked up some solid data analysis skills, but I missed digging into engineering problems. After attending an interview event and meeting the team at Goal7, everything just clicked. I knew this was where I could dive back into engineering and feel right at home. The chance to work from home, being around like-minded people, and the overall vibe (and who can resist good vibes!?) of the company sealed the deal for me. I was ready to jump in and make a difference with a team that felt just right.

What makes you passionate about sustainability?

My passion for sustainability is deeply rooted in my core values and personal interests. With a strong sense of justice and fairness, I believe sustainability is crucial not only for securing our future but also for enhancing our present. This commitment aligns with my desire to leave a positive and enduring impact on the world. My fascination with innovation, from smart devices to improvements in day-to-day life, naturally steered me towards an engineering degree focussed on renewable energy. This field merges my love for cutting-edge technology with my dedication to sustainable practices, fueling my enthusiasm for making a difference through my work and lifestyle.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

What I love most about my role at Goal7 is the creative freedom it offers. Whether it's crafting a unique icon that perfectly captures an idea, analysing data from a fresh perspective, or brainstorming a completely new solution, I have the liberty to put my own spin on things. This freedom not only allows me to bring my best ideas to the table but also keeps my day-to-day work exciting and deeply fulfilling. It’s incredibly rewarding to see my personal touch make a difference in the projects I work on.

What are you looking forward to most about the year ahead?

I'm super excited about what the next year has in store. The past six months have been a whirlwind of learning—from diving deep into sustainability policies to getting hands-on with GIS and exploring new tech for greener industrial processes. I'm really hoping to keep riding this wave of learning for the year ahead (and beyond!). With more people joining our team, I'm also looking forward to the office banter becoming even more fun and lively. It'll be cool to see how the team dynamics evolve and what new ideas everyone brings to the table as we grow.

My furry sidekick - Sprout
My furry sidekick - Sprout

Adding to the excitement, I welcomed a furry sidekick four months into my journey at Goal7. I’m really looking forward to our relationship growing and developing as we navigate work and home life together.